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Posted on 07/07/2019 in Business

9 top best India best business directories

9 top best India best business directories

The Indian market is the sixth largest consumer market in the globe making it one of the most perfect business hubs for almost all sorts of industry. The huge market helps create lots of opportunities for small businesses which grow at a very fast rate with a proper strategy. One strategy that works every time is listing your business in the business directories with the best traffic and rates (if not free).

Here are 9 of India’s best business directories to help move your business to the next level.

  • Datantify (www.datantify.com) - Datantify is one of the biggest business directories not only in India, but the globe as well. While the business directory helps connect entrepreneurs with consumers, it is also the perfect place to find business partners. Datantify is home to over 8 million Indian companies and receives hundreds of thousands of visits on a monthly basis.
  • Altaindia (https://www.altaindia.com/) - Altaindia might not be the latest business directory to debut in India, but it is among the most revered. Old is indeed gold as seen in this directory’s unique homepages system showing thousands of different enlisted companies. It is also has one of the most user-friendly interfaces of all the companies in this list.
  • IndiaMart (https://www.indiamart.com/) - IndiaMart is not just a business directory but also one of India’s biggest marketplaces. As such, you will meet both consumers and other businesspeople on one of India’s most reputable business directory.
  • Gujarat Industries Directory (https://www.gujaratdirectory.com/) - The Gujarat Industries Directory is a subsidiary of Marathe InfoTech Pvt. Ltd and one of the oldest business directories on our list. It is released in editions enabling it to keep up with the latest technological trends but maintains a very user-friendly system.
  • Bizz Duniya (www.bizzduniya.com) - This Indian business search engine has more than half a million members with well over 1.5 million featured products. Bizz Duniya has a great interface and has a great way of displaying your company information. The important data is first followed product feed and other relevant information giving the customer a clear picture of your organization.
  • E-India Business (https://www.eindiabusiness.com/) - One of the best things about this business directory is its modern nature. Embracing technological changes enables such a business listing to have the best search system and the ability to host thousands of companies and small businesses in India.
  • Maharashtra Business Pages (http://www.maharashtrabusinesspages.com/) - Maharashtra Business Pages is one of the oldest directories on our list and in India as well. It might be one of the biggest business directory in India, but it operates in one region only; the Maharashtra Indian Estate.
  • Yelu (https://www.yelu.in/) - Yelu has over a million registered companies, more than 40,000 photos, and nearly 2,000 reviews. Thanks to thousands of products, this business directory has a lot of monthly visits making it one of the best places to grow your business in India. It is also easy to use considering it can be accessed from your mobile phone as well as your laptop.
  • SME Business Services (http://sme.in/) - SME Business Directory is not only operational in India, but throughout the globe as well. As an international trade directory, SME has one of the biggest databases of all the directories on our list and in India. It is also easy to use and displays company profile pages starting with the most to least important information.
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