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Posted on 10/16/2018 in Business

Top Best Business Directory Themes and Plugins

Top Best Business Directory Themes and Plugins

Creating an online business directory is not as easy as the end product makes it look. For starters, there are very many things you have to put into consideration before letting the directory go live. To have the perfect directory, a fitting theme is required to match the information found on the business directory. There are a variety of themes ranging from local business-oriented ones to tourist attraction, classified adverts, and even events to mention a few.

It is also important to note the features found in the theme you wish to purchase. Features such as Google Maps are key for business directories since they can provide clients with the exact location of a certain company or service. Some themes also have front-end submission which can be used to accept user-generated content as well as multiple monetization options.

Here are some of the best themes for your business directory.

1.  DirectoryEngine

DirectoryEngine is an outstanding business directory theme created by EngineThemes. The company is famous for producing purpose-built app themes which integrate easily into your website. The walkthrough guide ensures integration is easy while modular content blocks allow users to customize their page with ease.

This theme also makes it easy for end-users to submit listings to your directory easily thanks to front-end submissions forms. This themes also come with room for maps, large photos, videos, and any other business related information.

2. Vantage

How about a theme that does everything for you and the end user requiring only verification after transactions are made? The Vantage theme can help in that regard with an updated feature that enables recurring payments. As such, end users can collect payments on auto-pilot. It also comes with a variety of extensions in case you are interested in multiple payment gateways for your directory. This theme also accepts business listings, and even comes with a separate event listing which can be used to list events, exhibitions, or festivals and their day of occurrence.

3. Business Finder

This theme is the most common of all three options on our list. Business Finder is connected to PayPal and allows you to bill listing owners on a regular basis with little to no work. It also allows you to create your own pricing packages each with specific prices and features. Business Finder also helps integrate social media profiles as well as personal image galleries and a Geo-locator tool. The latter makes it easier to locate businesses.


Plugins are the little additions that bring websites to life while improving their functionality. Your business directory needs a good plugin to ensure consumers are served with ease and all computer programs are functioning properly. Some plugins also enable customization making it easy to add a personal touch to your directory. Here are some examples.

1. WooCommerce Booking Plugin

This plugin has the ability to turn a simple portal into a full-fledged booking system. The plugin also offers a powerful reservation and booking system for your online business directory. WooCommerce is also regarded as one of the best booking services in the industry and allows users to book accommodation, tables, and even appointments with ease.

2. Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory Plugin has all the features necessary for a business directory with customizable form fields, payment acceptance, and image support. Not to mention, once you download the main plugin, all the core features are free. However, if they are not enough, you can download extra add-ons for a premium price. The Business Directory Plugin can also help create a local directory, start a provider listing service, and make a Yelp-like business review site.

Other plugins that can work well with your business directory include GeoDirectory, Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro, Connections Business Directory, and Name Directory to mention a few.

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