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Posted by SEO Blogger & Reviewer on 10/27/2018

How To Use Free Directory Sites To Market Small and Local Business

You can use FREE directory sites to market your business online. The best thing about this is that they are completely free! And when you use directory sites you can actually take up several spots on the first page of Google. This is great because you are taking up spots in Google, but you are also pushing your competition right off the first page! When you sign up for as many directory sites as you can, you are increasing your chances of coming up in Google. Some directory sites will climb up Google faster than others and it is hard to tell which ones will do that. 

But, if you sign up for as many as you can you increase the amount of profiles that will climb up Google. Plus, people actually use directory sites to find businesses in their area. The more sites you are on the better your chances of being found!In this video, we cover some of the best ways for you to increase the chances of your profile getting ranked in Google. Simple things like completing profiles 100%, getting more reviews and good reviews, and building back links (which we will discuss in a future video). So be sure to check out this video to learn why directory sites should be used by every local business.

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